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Release date: 9/1/2011

Gay Nonfiction
Self Help, Humor
Gay Studies

The Gay Man’s Guide to

Timeless Manners and Proper Etiquette

by Corey Rosenberg


A lively, witty, and notable collection of advice, facts, opinions, and tips on how to be a proper gay man.

How to act at a bar and in the bedroom

A proper gay man always buys the second round for the person who bought him the first one. The same idea is generally true when it comes to orgasms.

How to handle your finances

If someone has offered to finance your evening, it is best to remember that nothing comes for free and everything has its price.

How to stay best friends forever

Best friends do not lend out large sums of money to each other.

How to know what he was talking about

When a gay man broaches the topic of water sports, please note that he is not referring to jet skiing or parasailing. 

How to be a better gay man

A proper gay man would prefer to be a model citizen than a fashion model.


About the author

Corey Rosenberg grew up in Weston, Connecticut amongst a community that is widely recognized for its sense of gracious manners and fine living. Growing up with four brothers and a sister definitely impacted his sense of brotherhood. Upon graduating from a very strict “character first” boarding school in Northern Connecticut, Corey got his first apartment in the Chelsea district of New York City and “came out” at the age of nineteen. Coming out and living on West Twenty-third street in Manhattan also had a huge influence and impact on his sense of commitment and obligation to his community. Corey attended the School of Visual Arts in New York to pursue his dream of working in the advertising industry. While attending college, he became very involved with the gay community in New York. After working as an Advertising Copywriter for several years, he decided to create his own art gallery promoting, endorsing, and selling art by relatively unknown contemporary New York artists. His vast art collection is one of his prized treasures and he often uses his time to influence his peers to begin collecting affordable art for themselves. For many years, Corey was very involved with the Stonewall Foundation in New York. Finally, after living the New York dream for over a decade, he fell in love at the age of twenty eight, got engaged, and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark for a year and a half. While living in Copenhagen, he used his skills and experiences to reach out to the entire gay community, ultimately being nominated and recognized as a major activist of the year in 2010 by the Copenhagen Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. After living abroad for a while, he and his partner Sam and their two Dachshunds (Maxwell and Becca) set their sights on San Francisco, California, where they now happily reside permanently.

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Praise for The Gay Man's Guide to Timeless Manners and Proper Etiquette

"A light-hearted but valuable crash course in gay culture. The perfect bedside read or gift to a frenemy, Rosenberg's lessons are sure to transform even the roughest queen into a princess."


"A charming, fun read that will definitely come in handy at your next cocktail—or coming out—party."


"An absolute pleasure. honest and true and 'light-hearted.' This little book has answers for everything we need to know and I recommend it totally."

—Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen

“The book does a lovely job sorting through the basic do’s and do not’s, both large and small.”

—David Stillman Meyer, The Gentleman Tramp

"With topics ranging from gym etiquette to managing your purse strings, Rosenberg puts the man back in manners and offers lighthearted lifestyle advice for any modern gay male. If anything, it’s the perfect gag gift for a frenemy: 'Here, darling, I thought you could use the help.'"

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