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Release date: 10/3/2011

Fiction, Gay Fiction, Southern Fiction
Literary Fiction

Personal Saviors

a novel by Wesley Gibson


Welcome to the South.

Circa 1969.

Where everything is about to change.

 Paul is an eleven year-old boy caught between his fundamentalist faith and the growing awareness of his sexuality. Lady is a black girl who has been integrated into Paul’s school and doesn’t want to be there. Helen, Paul’s mother, is trying to become a country music star to stave off her increasing disillusionment as wife and mother. Rupert, Paul’s father, is increasingly convinced that extra-terrestrials exist and he needs to find them. And Velvet Archer, Paul’s gorgeously attractive neighbor, haplessly careens between church and a career in an effort to save herself from her addictions. 

Sharp, funny, and infused with a dark, sly cleverness, Personal Saviors is a marvelous social snapshot of American lives desperate for any sort of salvation.


About the author

Wesley Gibson is the author of Shelter, a novel, and You Are Here, a memoir.  His work has appeared in The Village Voice Literary Supplement, Men on Men 5, Blackbird, Out Magazine, The New Art Examiner, and The Lambda Book Report, among others.  He has been the recipient of a New York Foundation on the Arts Grant, a Mississippi Review Fiction Prize and a Virginia Commission on the Arts Grant, among others.  He lives in San Francisco and teaches in the MFA Program at St. Mary’s College.


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Praise for Personal Saviors by Wesley Gibson

“A novel that skirts and subverts the norms at every turn.  Rather than a simple snapshot of a time and place, which this also embodies, the novel is like a collection of character portraits.  Things happen, people are affected, but it’s as if life is moving through the syrupy heat of high summer.”

—Heather Seggel, Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide

“The author presents razor-sharp, colorful characters who manage to make simple matters rather difficult with their efforts. An enjoyable light read, and recommended.”

Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

“The poetic prose that lacquers every page in a knowing pop culture hue is simply magnificent. Personal Saviors is filled with personal truths that are uncovered to devastating effect.”

Tom Cardamone, Lambda Literary

“Spectacularly evocative writing. Gorgeous, glowing prose. The novelty of Gibson's language amplifies the novelty of the feelings that Paul is experiencing as he discovers his attraction to men. Gay coming-of-age stories often feel like clichés to those of us who have been happily coming for ages; Gibson's language lets us feel the old drama and thrills afresh.”

—Jim Gladstone, Passport


Praise for You Are Here by Wesley Gibson

"This is an emotionally complicated book of surface and depth: it is hilarious and cruel, and at first appears to be a bravura performance of comic disdain.  But as you read on, disdain deepens until it becomes despair, then deepens further into compassion and finally love. You Are Here is dark and sparkling, wonderfully intelligent, flip, and deeply felt."

—Mary Gaitskill

"You Are Here is a riot. Not just because Mr. Gibson is hilarious, but because he masterfully conveys how, on any given day, at any given moment, as we supposedly go about our business, we are bombarded by enough mysteries and contradictions to trouble an entire lifetime. This book is about an urban man's search for refuge in the world. It is also about how ambiguous a blessing refuge can be. Run for cover and read it."

—Bernard Cooper

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