Currier once again targets the big themes of modern gay life: identity, faith, homophobia, romance, and the complexity of relationships, but at the heart of The Third Buddha are the little acts of random kindness that continue to astonish in times of crisis and war.

2012 ALA Rainbow Book


2011 Rainbow Book Award

Contemporary Gay Fiction



328 pages, paperback

Also available in digital formats @ $9.99.

Gay Fiction, 9/11 Studies
Afghanistan, Literary Fiction

The Third Buddha

a novel by Jameson Currier

Author Jameson Currier expands his richly detailed storytelling to an international level, weaving together the intertwining stories of the search for a missing journalist in the Bamiyan region of Afghanistan with a young man’s search for his older brother in Manhattan in the aftermath of 9-11 into a sweeping, multi-cultural novel of what it means to be a gay citizen of the world.


"A riveting tale of suspense, hardship and the human spirit to overcome all odds, making it a perfect choice for a reader who appreciates such efforts. Five stars out of five.”

Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

“Filled with remarkable characters, incredibly rich details, and a compelling story, the novel balances exotic locations and religious quests with the ordinary yet powerful struggle for identity and love in the modern world.”

Charles Green, Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide

“A complex, character-propelled story in which the search for others becomes self-discovery.”

Ellen Bosman, Library Journal




About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of the seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

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Praise for The Third Buddha

“A courageous tale that explores the effects of the World Trade Center attacks on a group of gay men. Currier’s novel seems all the more relevant as it reminds us that causes and their effects can be simultaneously global and domestic, both subtle and deafening.”

Angelo Nikolopoulos, Next

 “Currier’s characters are marvelous here, and he has a terrific eye for telling details that do so much to set scenes. His post 9/11 New York City is jittery and tentative, much like Ted’s relationship to the seedy Rico, and his Afghanistan is hot, ominous and damaged by war, occupation and predators. The landscape here is almost a third major character in this story, shifting and changing on the surface while its cultural bedrock remains stubbornly stable. The Third Buddha is as engrossing as it is detailed, never failing to entertain as it breaks down some pretty large themes to bite-sized acts of beauty and humanity. It’s a truly memorable journey.”

Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“Every book Currier writes is like a gift that needs to be unwrapped.  He makes us think about who we are, about those who hate and dismiss us, about how we believe and about how difficult relationships can be.”

Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen

“Currier shows his creativity and writing skill in these extraordinary stories of interrelated characters.”

Howard G. Williams, Lambda Literary

“Currier again proves he has an incredible knack for conveying the unbridled joy and unavoidable pain inherent in relationships. Each character is genuine and likeable in some way, yet capable of questionable or unbecoming behavior, which makes them all the more believable. The Third Buddha is a challenging, original novel about relationships that triumph, despite tragic and troubling circumstances.”

Christopher Verleger, Edge

“A talented writer who has created an important and thought-provoking book. These are credible characters who experience gut-twisting emotional hardships and victories. It is a book I can highly recommend.”

Alan Chin,

“The novel is highly emotional, and it’s not 'easy'; don’t start it thinking it's a smushy romance with perfect heroes loving each other among the tragedy. Jameson Currier has never opted for the easy way. And even if he is telling a romance, be sure that between the lines he is also teaching you a lesson, and so with the romance you have also to accept, and welcome, the lesson: it’s a little price to pay to be a better reader.”

Elisa Rolle, Reviews and Ramblings

Praise for the fiction of Jameson Currier

“Currier is adept at drawing a fine line between the erotic and the tragic, and at telling stories that ‘although personal, are also the stories of our community.’” 

The New York Times Book Review

“The breadth of Currier’s personal experience is evident in his writing, which is moving without resorting to melodrama, familiar without feeling clichéd.”

—Windy City Times

“A writer who consistently surprises and delights, Currier’s dynamism will surely carry his literary career to higher heights.”

—Bay Area Reporter

“Jameson Currier’s kind of fiction can recreate reality more accurately than a cinema verité account of our daily lives.”

—The Washington Post Book World