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Still Dancing


short stories by Jameson Currier

In Still Dancing author Jameson Currier brings together twenty short stories spanning three decades of the impact of the AIDS epidemic on the gay community. Along with stories from Currier’s debut collection, Dancing on the Moon, praised by The Village Voice as “defiant and elegiac,” are ten newly selected stories written by one of our preeminent masters of the short narrative form.

“The breadth of Currier’s personal experience is evident in his writing, which is moving without resorting to melodrama, familiar without feeling clichéd. In the new book’s title story, for instance, he describes a man who has lost many friends to AIDS as feeling 'like a boy lost at an amusement park who can’t find his family and doesn’t understand why they are not where they should be.' It’s a characteristically vivid yet unsentimental description of what it’s like to wake up and find that your entire chosen family, your whole support system, is suddenly gone—and
many people who survived the worst years of the epidemic will likely find that Currier has, once again, put into words the things that they’ve felt for years.”
—Wayne Hoffman, Windy City Times


About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

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Praise for Still Dancing by Jameson Currier


“In these stories, Currier fictionalizes queer life and times from three decades of the AIDS era, capturing the years in his prose. It has the literary heft of Camus and the quiet urbanity of Cheever…. Currier chronicles not only a defining era in gay America, but the private lives of the people who triumphed through what looked like defeat. These lives are often so finely drawn, Currier never has to resort to cliché… Gritty, esoteric, funny and passionate, Currier’s courageous prose reminds us that we must never forget.”
—Lewis Whittington, Edge