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Release date: 12/24/2011


Where the Rainbow Ends


a novel by Jameson Currier

This powerful, compelling, and heartfelt first novel centers on Robbie Taylor, an optimistic and romantic young man who settles in New York City in 1978 with a circle of new friends. Where the Rainbow Ends follows Robbie through a personal odyssey into enlightenment, spanning a period of almost fifteen years, from the unabashed revelry of gay Manhattan through a quest for faith, family, and understanding as the AIDS epidemic tests him like a modern-day Job. Currier masterfully weaves an ardent story about the families that we create for ourselves, a story that is at once lyrical, poignant, and sexy.


Currier is adept at drawing a fine line between the erotic and the tragic, and at telling stories that ‘although personal, are also the stories of our community.’ Where the Rainbow Ends feels like the fictionalized history of a generation of gay men.”
—Erik Burns, The New York Times Book Review


Nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Fiction

Winner-Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation Grant for Fiction

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About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

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Praise for Where the Rainbow Ends by Jameson Currier


“Jameson Currier’s debut novel, Where the Rainbow Ends, moved me to tears more than once and, simply put, is one of the best pieces of gay literature I have ever read. Rather than focusing on and wallowing in the heavy melodrama that the AIDS epidemic seems to produce in most writers, Currier shows both the highs and lows. The lives of these incredibly well-drawn, three-dimensional people encompass all of the emotion that is found in gay/lesbian life. The book is about creating a sense of family, and most of all, it is about hope. In Robbie, Currier has created a gay Everyman we can all identify with, love, and root for. This is one novel that I was sorry to see end. With this work, Currier has established himself as one of the preeminent gay novelists, not just of the 1990s, but of all time. This book should be required reading for every gay man, period.”
—Greg Herren, Impact