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Includes "The Bloomsbury Nudes," first published in the Stoker award-winning anthology Unspeakable Horror


The Haunted Heart

ghost stories by Jameson Currier

Haunted? Or blessed?
Ghosts? Or guardian angels?

Twelve new stories of gay men and the memories that haunt them.

A circuit boy stays at a haunted hotel. An actor recounts a grisly murder in the English countryside. A gay parent unravels a mysterious souvenir. A journalist chases a story through the streets of Amsterdam. An artist grapples with his muse. A musician is inspired by the spirit of a sailor.

Jameson Currier modernizes the traditional ghost story with gay lovers, loners, activists, and addicts, blending history and contemporary issues of the gay community with the unexpected of the supernatural.

“Jameson Currier’s The Haunted Heart and Other Tales expands upon the usual ghost story tropes by imbuing them with deep metaphorical resonance to the queer experience. Infused with flawed, three-dimensional characters, this first-rate collection strikes all the right chords in just the right places. Equal parts unnerving and heartrending, these chilling tales are testament to Currier’s literary prowess and the profound humanity at the core of his writing. Gay, straight, twisted like a pretzel…his writing is simply not to be missed by any reader with a taste for good fiction.”
Vince Liaguno, Dark Scribe Magazine


About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir. His gay-themed ghost stories have appeared in Wilde Stories, Unspeakable Horror, Best Gay Romance, Best Gay Stories, Velvet Mafia, Icarus, Next, and All Hallows: The Journal of the Ghost Story Society.

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Praise for The Haunted Heart by Jameson Currier


“I am completely amazed by the range of ghost stories in this collection. These are awesome ghost stories, and the literary connections to gay life are deep and complex.”

Chad Helder, Unspeakable Horror and The Pop-Up Book of Death

“Currier’s characters are sumptuous, his plots are freshly twisted and his prose magnificent. A perfectly chilling collection of tales from one of the modern masters of the genre. Powerful stuff, indeed.”

Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“Jameson Currier is a story teller who weaves his tale around you until you genuinely care about the characters. He has the ability to capture dialogue with an almost journalistic objectivity; this places you in the scene as an eavesdropper, making you part of the story. He is one of the few writers who can be equally literary, erotic, dramatic and damn funny, sometimes all in the same sentence. His collection of ghost stories, The Haunted Heart, allows him to showcase these abilities in original stories that are not intended to frighten so much as entertain. There are a multitude of ghosts here, not just the spirits of the dead that you would expect, but the ghosts of abusive relationships, bad decisions, personal flaws, and the ever-present ghost of AIDS that forever hovers in the lives of gay men.”

Sean Meriwether, author of The Silent Hustler

“Currier’s writing is flawless and his knack for conveying emotion, with both the spoken words and thoughts of his characters, is unparalleled. Fans of the author have come to expect that his work isn’t exactly light or escapist, which makes it all the more affecting.”

Chris Verleger, Edge

“The stories will make you laugh, cry, and shiver but most of all you’ll wonder about those bumps in the night in an entirely new way.  A must read for ghost lovers.”

Kassa, Rainbow Reviews

 “Currier has put together a collection of stories that include ghosts outright or simply posit mysterious and inexplicable happenings into otherwise straightforward stories about life and death. He manages to easily get the reader to suspend disbelief and go with the story regardless of where it leads. And often it leads to very unexpected places. Each story is a really good read. There are ample doses of fright, love, mystery, danger, sex and even the death of the one telling the story.”

Sue Harrison, Provincetown Banner

“I found each of these stories just as satisfying and unique as a full length novel, so much so that, as I often do with longer stories, I thought about each story for days after I finished reading it. Give it five twisted stars out of five

Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

“The supernatural element provides an intriguing yet subtle way to look at emotional material that Currier uses to advantage throughout these stories.”

Nancy Ellegate, Art & Understanding

“In his introduction, James Currier writes of forming the desire a number of years ago to move beyond his reputation as an AIDS writer. In reinventing himself, he remained concerned as ever with issues relevant to the lives of contemporary gay men. Setting down a list of topics to address, he included ―substance abuse, gay marriage, serving in the military, domestic abuse in gay relationships, hate crimes, homophobia, and living outside of urban areas—all represented here. At the same time, Currier began a study of classic ghost stories, a genre that had fascinated him since boyhood. (Favorites mentioned are the works of M. R. James, Henry James, E. F. Benson, Edith Wharton, and Ambrose Bierce.) The best of the resulting collection draws upon the past in observing the present, and in doing so never fails to disturb and entertain.”

Joyce Meggett, ALA GLBTRT Newsletter

“Well-wrought gay ghost stories, fiction at its finest.”

 Tom Cardamone, Next