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My Movie


stories by David Pratt


From the award-winning author of Bob the Book, My Movie showcases the remarkable range and versatility of David Pratt’s short fiction, including stories previously published in The James White Review, Velvet Mafia, Christopher Street, Chelsea Station, and other periodicals, Web sites, and anthologies. The impact of memories thematically dominates the fourteen stories included in this imaginative collection, from the coming-of-age title story of a young boy’s code of secret languages to the magical, speculative world of “Ulmus Americana,” where trees yearn for love.  Film and video are at the heart of many of these stories, including “Another Country,” about a woman who enters a fictitious land created by her son and his boyhood friend for their backyard home movies, and the brilliantly conceived “Calvin Gets Sucked In,” where a man is consumed, literally, by a porn video, with hilarious and disturbing results. Pratt also turns an unflinching camera eye on the realities and mishaps of gay life, from a hook-up with a crack addict to the painful and poignant struggles with illness, loss, and mortality. Haunting, funny, surreal, and heartbreaking, My Movie brilliantly documents how we come to terms with being queer.


About the author

David Pratt won a 2011 Lambda Literary Award for his novel Bob the Book. He was born in Hartford, Connecticut and now lives in Manhattan, a stone’s throw (or three) from the George Washington Bridge.


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Read a conversation between David Pratt and Michael Graves on writing short stories

from Chelsea Station: Issue 2

Read an interview with David Pratt by Alan Chin


Praise for My Movie by David Pratt

“This impressive collection confirms David Pratt's emergence as one of our most talented voices. Carnal and graphic as the best erotica and as elegiac as a finely rendered memoir, these stories vividly capture the palpable sense of isolation that haunts each of our lives. 'The Addict' is the best story I read last year—beautifully paced and harrowing. My Movie is absolutely essential reading.”

Tom Mendicino, author of Probation

“Pratt is awfully good. He writes about yearning, loss, and love between men with the piercing precision of poetry. Even when grieving, he charms. To my mind two stories, 'Calvin Gets Sucked In' and 'The Island,' are classics. 'Calvin' encapsulates the grief and longing of a besieged generation with wit, generosity, and relentless perception. 'The Island' transcends classification and, in its depiction of exile, is not only a gay masterpiece but an American one. I haven’t enjoyed nor been so moved by modern fiction in a very long time.”

—Jenifer Levin, author of Water Dancer and The Sea of Light

“AIDS survivor guilt, youthful raw horniness, yearnings for familial love, foreboding dread and wistful hopes for the future—these make up the landscapes through which Pratt’s young protagonists must navigate.”

—Roger Brigham, Edge

“Pratt draws you in and charms you with the beauty of his prose and the uniqueness of his stories. If you read no other short story collection this year, make sure this is the one.”

—Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen

“Pratt shifts his focus from anthropomorphic books to the alternate realities of film and the occasional absurdity of gay life. If you like a read that’s as poignant as it is funny—or you’re looking for a fresh take on the surreal—don’t miss these fourteen stories.”

—Jameson Fitzpatrick, Next

“Pratt’s greatest talent lies in creating totally insular, separate worlds that exist inside our own, then blurring their boundaries just enough so that we can peek inside, see what awaits us, then scurry back to our own safe spaces. Those worlds are dark, unrelentingly truthful places that we can only stay in long enough to find the answers we seek before we return to reality and try to apply what we’ve learned. David Pratt is an amazing writer, and this is a showcase of his varied talents—artistic but never pretentious, disturbing but never gratuitous, sentimental but never maudlin. Highly, highly recommended.”

—Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“A series of clear character driven narratives that cannily encapsulate small revelatory events and personal revelations that lead to gratifying endings... The stories portray gay men as they learn to be themselves… These narratives offer more evocative conclusions than you might think possible from such small plot twists.”

—Howard G. Williams, Lambda Literary


My Movie showcases the versatility of David Pratt, confirming that he is an important voice in LGBT literature.”

—Alan Chin,

“Pratt is an accomplished writer, revealing his characters layer by layer as their stories unfold, alert to the details of scene and language that bring a story alive before our minds' eyes, and it is a real pleasure to read his work. The stories in My Movie are compact and vivid, and with a renewed appreciation for his talents I look forward to reading more of his work in coming years.”

Piet Bach, Wilde Oats

“Pratt's unique perspective and imagination (which gave his Bob the Book the distinction of being one of the most creative novels I have read) are evident in the stories, which primarily feature young gay men coming of age. That creativity really comes through in the story of a gay porn fan who finds himself as a player in a video he is watching. A noteworthy story tells of a young gay boy who is mentored by an outgoing lesbian member of his church. My favorite (and the one that will remind readers of Bob the Book) tells the story of the long-term relationship between two trees in a city park. Pratt's stories are delightfully over the top...definitely worth a read.”

Bob Lind, Echo

My Movie is not a ‘light’ collection; I fondly remember Bob, the Book, apparently an easy/comedy like romance about a book falling in love with another book, but even that one had some committed undertone that the most attentive reader could catch. This is what I found again in My Movie, but in a more important dose.”

—Elisa Rolle, Reviews and Ramblings

“A lively mix of stories that wring genuine emotion out of outlandish, sometimes fantastical situations that, in lesser authorial hands might yield only gimmickry or exploitation.”

—Jim Gladstone, Passport


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