“Heart-wrenching, gut-punching... Wild, electric energy that resonates with a powerful fierceness.”

—Lambda Literary






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Pacific Rimming


a novella by Tom Cardamone

Lambda Literary finalist Tom Cardamone’s novella, Pacific Rimming, is a dazzling narrative of obsession. Set in New York City in the late 1990s, a young gay man wanders from bed to bed, creating a life of drug use and sexual conquest to avoid emotional intimacy, his desire focused exclusively on Asian men. 


“A great read. Caradamone successfully transports readers to an underground dance floor of drugs, sex and desire.”

—Lukas Akerley, Edge




About the author

Tom Cardamone is the editor of The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered, author of the surreal speculative novella Green Thumb and the erotic fantasy novel The Werewolves of Central Park. His short story collection, Pumpkin Teeth, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. His fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, some of which have been collected on his website: www.pumpkinteeth.net.


Praise for Pacific Rimming

“From the torrid depths of the Manhattan gay club scene, Cardamone snatches the precious jewel of wisdom that Blake prophesied could only be found in excess. You'll find no political correctness, smugness or marriage activism in Cardamone's gay universe: this is the visceral underbelly of gay life, and his language makes it shimmer like paradise.”

—Trebor Healey, author of A Horse Named Sorrow and Faun

“Exhilarating! Pacific Rimming is an eloquent, gorgeous reminder of why, when it comes to the mystery of desire, we persist in doing all the abject, crazy, beautiful things we do.”

—Paul Russell, author of The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov

“I’ve lived a lifetime waiting for this red hot, icy cool novella. In Manhattan’s lost gay underworld of the 1990s, bars were the place where white and Asian men could size each other up and take each other home. Cardamone is a stylist pure and simple, and his sentences shake and quiver just the way he wants them to. The wit and erudition on display are equally provocative.”

—Kevin Killian, author of Spreadeagle

“A great read. Caradamone successfully transports readers to an underground dance floor of drugs, sex and desire.”

—Lukas Akerley, Edge

“This language vibrates. It resonates, moving and wriggling like a live, sparking wire. Pacific Rimming is one more little gem in Cardamone’s tiara.”

—Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“Cardamone captures the raw essence of a blinding obsession by creating a melodic, haunting rhythm to the language of his main character’s often shattered internal thoughts.  There’s a hypnotic, mesmerizing quality to the literary universe he’s created, forcing us to explore every inch of it, even the darkest corners and it’s hardcore secrets that aren’t for the faint of heart.”

David-Mathew Barnes, Lambda Literary


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