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Fortune's Bastard


Love's Pains Recounted

by Gil Cole

A delightful, swashbuckling adventure of lust, learning, and love.

Escaping the religious hysteria of Renaissance Florence, young Antonio leaves his family and fate behind to find a better life. Misfortune, betrayals, friendships, and favors toss him around the Mediterranean as he makes his way as a pirate, an itinerant actor, and a fugitive before becoming a notable merchant of Venice. Inspired by Shakespeare, author Gil Cole reimagines Antonio as someone different of his time—a man who openly desires the love of another man.




About the author

Gil Cole graduated from the Juilliard School and acted in several plays of Shakespeare, as well as in many classic and contemporary plays. He currently resides in New York City where he works as a psychoanalyst.


Praise for Fortune's Bastard by Gil Cole


“Hold onto your codpiece—Shakespeare has never been hotter. Gil Cole’s lusty yet literate Fortune’s Bastard is a thrilling, imaginative, and above all romantic homage to the great bard.”

Wayne Hoffman, author of Sweet Like Sugar and Hard

Fortune’s Bastard is a thrilling tale of manly virtues tested—love, loyalty, honor and physical courage—and manly desires given their fullest and freest expression. Gil Cole’s adventure is epic, operatic, and Shakespearean. He writes with complete confidence (another manly virtue!) as he rolls out a grand pageant of heroism and love on the fifteenth century Mediterranean. On every page I found fresh surprises that kept my pulse racing.”

David Pratt, author of Bob the Book and My Movie

“A thrilling Shakespearian epic that approaches the mastery of the plays it’s based on, with the added virtue of having its tongue firmly in its cheek. Richly respectful, it deserves a read if you love your swashes buckled. And who doesn’t?”

Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“Pure fun! You do not want to miss this book!”

—Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen

“Betrayal, lust, love and desire abound in this novel. Well researched and historically accurate, the adventure draws the reader into the life of Elizabethan Italy.”

American Library Association GLBTRT Newsletter


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