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Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex

stories by Jameson Currier

Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex brings together twenty stories by Jameson Currier about gay men and their relationships, including the author’s widely praised fiction and erotica previously published in literary journals, Web sites, and award-winning anthologies.

About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

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Praise for Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex

"Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex surpasses any expectations ten-fold. The characters speak with wisdom and understanding. Jameson Currier gives us people who are starving for attention and have an insatiable appetite for human contact. Readers will not only sympathize with his creations, but will imagine themselves there as well, among the wreckage."

—Jonathan Harper, Lambda Book Report

"For fans of Currier’s writing, and for newcomers as well, Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex offers a full range of wit as well as wisdom. As always, his writing gives full voice to the internal world of emotions, without floating too far into solipsistic self-pity or greedy literary showmanship. If you love great writing and erotica, what you will appreciate here are not Casanova’s “moment of anticipation” but rather the moments of self-discovery that bring understanding, or propel someone in a new direction. It is precisely this sort of informed awareness that will excite, enthrall, and enrich any reader who takes up Currier’s new volume."

—Seth Bookey, Gay City News

"Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex does exactly what it says on the tin, and brings together 20 short stories from the acclaimed author of Dancing on the Moon and Where the Rainbow Ends. His first collection in over a decade, Currier has gathered together six never-before-published tales of erotic ecstasy and man-on-man romance. And while, no doubt, fans will lap these up with glee, Currier virgins should be firmly guided towards this anthology, as it provides the perfect introduction to his eclectic tastes and acerbic style. By turns lyrical and licentious, Currier certainly knows where the literary G-spot lies, and Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex will surely have you salivating for more. Let’s hope it’s not another 10 years before his next outing.

Gay Times

"Currier’s stories are all about sex and love and how they occasionally overlap; he writes eloquently and elegantly about the continuum of gay male sexuality, from the tickle of desire to the pull of lust to the power of passion to the satisfaction—though not always—of sex."

—Richard Labonté, Books to Watch Out For

"Covering 15 years of searching for the ‘perfect man,’ these stories manage to be finely wrought and mad-sexy at the same time."

—David Noh, New York Blade

Jameson Currier is no stranger to readers of gay fiction and the stories in his newest collection, Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex deliver the goods that have made him one of the most regularly published writers in gay journals, anthologies, and websites....They remind us that for all our quirks, most of us are in search of the same thing.

—Jim Nawrocki, Bay Area Reporter

"Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex is simply dripping with smut, but what separates Currier’s work from boilerplate erotica collections is the individuality and humanity of his characters. In Currier’s world even the foxiest of tricks is beset with insecurity, bedeviled by contradictory emotions, caught between desires for anonymous nooky and more troublesome yearnings for deeper emotional connection."

—Joyce Slaton, SF Weekly

"Currier’s style and voice are unique and could easily have one searching for the next fix of storytelling euphoria. This collection supersedes any of his previous works and is worth taking the time to read and live with!"

—Andrew Wolter, X Factor

"Gay dating in Manhattan can be murder, and Jameson Currier has skillfully captured the erotic and humorous nuances of blind dates and tricking in his most recent collection of short stories. At turns painfully funny and incisive, Currier pursues the elusive relationship, the perfect trick and the married man with a sympathetic honesty."

—Sean Meriwether, Velvet Mafia

"Currier has the gift for compressing a novel’s worth of plot, character and theme within the confines of a short story, as evidenced by these short subjects. Besides dealing with desire, lust, passion, and sex, Currier’s fiction collection is a fascinating look at the gay human condition, circa 2004, in the United States."

—Jesse Monteagudo, The Book Nook, Gay Today

"The recurring theme of these stories is the character’s lack of intimacy despite their physical interaction. Sure desire, lust, passion, and sex are easy to come by, but life after orgasm is far more complicated. This is where Currier’s interest lies. These stories force us to think about what it all means if our connections are based on sex without emotional connectedness."

—James Withers, The Gay and Lesbian Review

"Jameson Currier writes sex stories with real people in them. He is curious about a remarkable variety of men, and the sex here opens the door into surprising moments of sorrow, tenderness, joy, and even hope."

—Christopher Bram, author of Lives of the Circus Animals and Father of Frankenstein

"Jameson Currier is a literary rara avis, a topflight American short story writer who treads where he pleases, and doesn’t acknowledge genre boundaries. At its best, his work—particularly his erotica—is filtered through an exquisite poetic sensibility, and a prism of humanity that lifts the story above and away from anything as pedestrian as a genre, and into the realm of fine literature."

—Michael Rowe, author of Looking for Brothers and Other Men’s Sons

"Jameson Currier is one of my favorite writers, and this collection is an excellent example of why. His stories touch the heart and move the soul."

—Greg Herren, author of Bourbon Street Blues and Jackson Square Jazz

"In his new collection, Jameson Currier reasserts himself as one of our preeminent masters of the short narrative form. Currier plays with points of view: first-person and third person, to be sure, but also the rarely used (and even more rarely used well) second-person point of view. In these lapidary tales, he computes the inscrutable calculus of desire with uncanny accuracy. In fact, there is such precision in both the foreground and background details of each tale that this collection is nothing less than HDST—High Definition Story Telling. The effect is often unnerving. This is not a microscope that Currier presents to you, dear reader; it is a mirror. And objects in mirror are closer than they appear."

—Thomas L. Long, editor-in-chief, Harrington Gay Men’s Fiction Quarterly

"Jameson Currier is a master of everyday eros—that is, he perfectly captures in strong, handsome prose, the complete range of erotic moments shared between real men in real time in the real world, a feat in writing as refreshing and rare as it is arousing. And Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex is the proof."

—Ian Philips, author of Satyriasis and See Dick Deconstruct

"Jameson Currier knows men—apparently, all of them. Brimming with humor and gentle pathos, Currier’s new book is a carnival of men’s endlessly entertaining urges, obsessions, tactics, and ploys."

—Stephen Greco, author of The Sperm Engine


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