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What Comes Around


a novel by Jameson Currier

A quirky, touching, and unique novel of a single gay man’s quest to find a meaningful relationship.

Written over a period of twenty-five years, these fifteen linked short stories—many of which have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies—exploit the narrator’s wit and heightened self-examination by utilizing a second person point of view technique. Covering four decades of misadventures of looking for the right man, Currier’s unnamed narrator bumps through blind dates, break-ups, unexpected seductions, tragedies, and imperfect affairs. Currier was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship for the stories included in What Comes Around.

"As a writer, Currier should be lauded for his creative decision to avoid the all-too-common formulaic trappings of most current novels written for and about gay men. Here, the focus is not on sex. Rather, the emphasis is the considerable lengths a man will go to in his lifelong search for true love."

—David-Matthew Barnes, Lambda Literary



About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

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Praise for What Comes Around


“Linking wit, heady sex, longing, and the agony of a hollow love life, Currier beautifully romanticizes the hope and the hunt for love, the rarest flower. At times this journey to find Mr. Right is agonizing, sometimes sad, and sometimes erotically titillating. But every scene is written with such beauty and poetic grace, it becomes an easy voyage to embrace, even though at times all the misfires and near-misses cut like a knife.”

—Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter

“This intriguing and unusual novel is really a collection of interconnected short stories tied together by an unnamed male narrator who spends much of his life searching for a lifetime lover, each quest ending in disappointment and regret. Currier captures the fragile nature of human relationships and explores the ways in which they can be broken. Cleverly constructed and and not without an original hook, What Comes Around provides a compelling and intimate portrait of one man's obsession. Readers looking for an unusual narrative voice will find the novel hugely rewarding.”

—Charles Green, Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide

“Exemplary of Currier’s undeniable talent for storytelling.”

—Christopher Verleger, Edge

“A terrific collection.”

—Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen


“An interesting and realistic character study by a talented, creative author.”

—Bob Lind, Echo


"From an adolescent crush on a swimming instructor to the imagined drowning of a high maintenance boyfriend, Currier explores every aspect of relationshipsthe good, the bad, and the very dysfunctionaleach set in a literary landscape perfectly crafted for the lovelorn. Currier’s masterful command of language is demonstrated throughout the novel. His words are rich with the beauty of humanity, fully capturing the essence of the fragility of the hopeful heart."

—David-Matthew Barnes, Lambda Literary

“In Jameson Currier’s What Comes Around, in story after story, year after year, the protagonist looks for love, often in the wrong places. The stories range from sweet to troubling, but all capture the complex, sometimes contradictory nature of desire. Currier’s strong writing is on full display here, offering plenty for both cynics and romantics alike.”

—Jameson Fitzpatrick, Next


Praise for the writings of Jameson Currier

“Currier is adept at drawing a fine line between the erotic and the tragic, and at telling stories that ‘although personal, are also the stories of our community.’ "

The New York Times Book Review

“Jameson Currier’s kind of fiction can recreate reality more accurately than a cinema verité account of our daily lives.”

The Washington Post Book World

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