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Beginning mid-March, 2014, Chelsea Station will become an online magazine located at

Recently, editor and publisher Jameson Currier answered some questions regarding the changes in the magazine.


Will Chelsea Station still be available in print?

Issues 1 through 4 will be available for purchase in print and digital versions.  Beginning mid-March, 2014, Chelsea Station will become an online magazine located at

Why the change?

Several reasons: First, Chelsea Station Editions is a one man shoppe and I wear many hats—editor, designer, publisher, publicist, and accountant. While I loved doing the print edition of the magazine, each issue was time consuming and I found I had to design the magazine twice to put out a digital version.  Doing an online magazine in a blog format—posting frequently, instead of all at once—will allow me to get to submissions quicker. Second, I hope the online version will reach more readers. The market was too small to sustain the print and digital versions so it is also a financial decision to change formats.

What kind of work will the online magazine publish?

The magazine continues to be devoted to gay literature.  We will continue to publish original fiction, essays, memoirs, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, and related work. 

How frequently will new material be published?

As frequently as I can manage to address the submissions and handle the postings. I’d like to post a few times each week and the software I am using allows me to schedule posts for a future date.  The frequency of posting will also be dependent on the quantity and quality of the submissions.

How do I submit?

Our submission guidelines are below, and here:

Will the new online magazine have any new features?

I hope to regularly post a “Destinations” feature which will provide readers with links to other online venues featuring gay-themed writing. I’d also like to do more excerpts of recently published work and reprints of classics or forgotten works, if the rights are available to do so.

The online format will also allow for color art, which I think is exciting, and I am planning to use art with every post.  So I am open to artists and photographers contacting me about the possibility of including their work. I am also building the homepage template to allow for advertising. And I may experiment with posting longer work as pdf downloads.  I am also open to having guest editors, so anyone interested should contact me.

How long will posts remain online?

As long as the site is alive and the archives are accessible, but I will delete a posting per an author’s request if their work is scheduled for publication elsewhere, such as in an anthology or their own collection.

What’s the biggest challenge to doing an online magazine?

The software code.  I’ve had to teach myself CSS step by step.  I’d be grateful to have a Webmaster on board.

Will Chelsea Station Editions continue to publish print editions and ebooks?

Yes, we look forward to offering many more wonderful reading experiences.

Chelsea Station


Submission Guidlines

Chelsea Station, a magazine devoted to gay writing, is now on the Web at

We accept for consideration original and unpublished fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, memoir, humor, narrative travelogue, interviews, and reviews (books, theater, television, and film) relating to gay literature and gay men.

Submissions should be sent to

Manuscripts should be emailed as Word attachments. Please include your name, address, and e-mail contact information on the first page of your document. Please also include a brief bio. Please query about reprints or promotional excerpts.

Please do not send more than one prose work or more than four poems for consideration. Please let us know if you are making simultaneous submissions of your work to other journals.

The online magazine will also feature art and photos and contributors can query by sending samples or links to their portfolio.  Editors are also welcome to query about Guest Editing.

Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to respond with rejection notices. If you do not hear from us within three months of your submission, we are unable to use your submission, though you are always able to submit additional material for us to consider.

We also welcome recommendations for material and writers for consideration.

We currently do not offer monetary payment to contributors.




Please contact us for ad specifications and rates and

All ads must be pre-paid before publication.  We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

We are also happy to help you design your ad.