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New Gay Poetry

edited by Jameson Currier

Between: New Gay Poetry, edited by Jameson Currier, features sixty gay poets writing on relationships between men: gay men with their friends, lovers, partners, husbands, dates, tricks, boyfriends, hustlers, idols, teachers, mentors, fathers, brothers, family, teams, co-workers, relatives, and strangers.

Contributors include Frank Adams, Shane Allison, Dallas Angguish, David-Matthew Barnes, Jeffery Berg, David Bergman, Bryan Borland, Casey Charles, Philip F. Clark, Mike Cluff, Steven Cordova, Craig Cotter, Lucas Crawford, Jameson Currier, Angel Erro, David Eye, Michael Graves, Peter Milne Greiner, Benjamin S. Grossberg, Vance Philip Hedderel, James Hodgson, Walter Holland, Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Lee Houck, Richard Johns, Collin Kelley, Peter LaBerge, Daniel W.K. Lee, Raymond Luczak, Jeff Mann, Thomas March, Kevin McLellan, Rangi McNeil, Kelly McQuain, Stephen Mead , Matthew A. Merendo, Jory Mickelson, Stephen S. Mills, Michael O’Brien, William Reichard, Dennis Rhodes, Mark Travis Rivera, Ross Robbins, Steven Rydman, Jonathon Saia, Lawrence Schimel, Gregg Shapiro, Robert Siek, Christopher Soden, Phillip Gregory Spotswood, Stefen Styrsky, Shawn Syms, Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, William Sterling Walker, Jeff Walt, Scott Wiggerman, Chuck Willman, Gregory Woods, Gerard Wozek, and Francis Zachary.


“The work in the collection is very strong. By proposing such a broad theme for this collection, Currier allows individual poets to pursue the subject matter in a way that is most meaningful for each of them. This leads to a great deal of variety of both content and style providing something for everyone.”

—Mack Freeman, ALA GLBT Reviews

“The breadth of this collection is astonishing…With some entries heartfelt, some humorous, some hopeful, and some heartily homespun, this overview works best as a sampler of new poets as well as those who have been around a while. Dig in, and maybe you’ll discover a chapbook or two to order.”

Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“Currier's assemblage spotlights works from both better-known writers in our talented community and newcomers, with equal emphasis. With short author profiles preceding each poem, these pages delight with musings, reflections, opinions, and memories of gay men with their fathers, their ‘square-jawed, shaved-headed’ gym crushes, doctors, first-time dinner guests who confess to having ‘only three dates in five years,’ old lovers, new bed partners, and even a carpenter who steals then breaks the author's faithless heart.”

—Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter



About the editor

In 2010 Jameson Currier founded Chelsea Station Editions, an independent press devoted to gay literature. Among the authors the press has published are debut writers Gil Cole, Michael Graves, J.R. Greenwell, Jeffrey Luscombe, Craig Moreau, David Pratt, and William Sterling Walker, and veterans Felice Picano, Walter Holland, Charles Silverstein, Wesley Gibson, Tom Cardamone, and Jon Marans. The press also serves as the home for Mr. Currier’s own writings which now span a career of more than four decades.  Books published by the press have been honored by the Lambda Literary Foundation, the American Library Association GLBTRT Roundtable, the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards Foundation, and the Rainbow Book Awards. In 2011, Mr. Currier launched the literary magazine Chelsea Station, which has published the works of more than 100 writers. In 2013 the press reissued the anthology Love, Christopher Street, edited by Thomas Keith, after the original publisher ceased publishing. Mr. Currier is a member of the Board of Directors of the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation, a recipient of a fellowship from New York Foundation for the Arts, and has been a judge for many literary competitions. He currently resides in New York.

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