“An involving, sentimental tale of love, secrets, and relationships.”

—Kirkus Reviews



paperback, 158 pages


Also available in digital formats at $7.99

pub date: Nov. 3, 2015

Based on a True Story


a novel by Jameson Currier


Two gay couples meet at an idyllic mountain cabin to celebrate Thanksgiving. As the four men reminisce of their college years, coming out, and recall their past friends and former lovers, a shocking and fatal tale of obsession unfolds.

A dark, glimmering gem of a read.”

—Jim Gladstone, Passport Magazine

“Fans of interpersonal dramatics will find much to savor in Currier’s deceptively simple narrative as intimate histories and close friendships mingle with explosive results.”

Kirkus Review

“Gifted novelist Jameson Currier, has an incredible knack for portraying gay men as complex and flawed yet like-minded, mostly likable and relatable individuals. His latest, Based on a True Story, presents an intriguing, introspective examination of two gay couples who spend Thanksgiving weekend together in a rustic mountain cabin.”

—Christopher Verleger, Edge

“A compelling new novel that retells an actual horrific crime that never should have happened.”

—Eric Andrews-Katz, Chelsea Station

Praise for Based on a True Story

“A moving, meditative demonstration of the impact friends, lovers and acquaintances has on our lives and in our minds, regardless of longevity and despite how the rest of the world may see them.”

—Christopher Verleger, Edge

“A swift, dramatic read with plenty of poignancy.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Currier expertly and carefully explores the details of the senseless and horrific murder and shows that loss can materialize in many different forms, and that the pain lingers on rippling outward, affecting the lives of others for years to come. It explores not only how the individuals deal with tragedy, especially that with a homosexual basis, but also how the community does as well in both positive and negative ways.”

—Eric Andrews-Katz, Chelsea Station

“While the foreground of the novel is more than a series of conversations among the four men, Currier is able to extract potent drama and reader engagement from both their words and their unspoken observations. A testament to resilience in the wake of tragedy, to the omnipresence of the past, and above all, to the conciliatory power of storytelling, Based on a True Story is a dark, glimmering gem of a read.”

—Jim Gladstone, Passport Magazine

“A master storyteller. This is perhaps one of the most emotional of Currier’s writings because we can see something of ourselves in the characters.”

Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen



Praise for the writings of Jameson Currier


“Currier is adept at drawing a fine line between the erotic and the tragic, and at telling stories that ‘although personal, are also the stories of our community.’ "

The New York Times Book Review

“Jameson Currier’s kind of fiction can recreate reality more accurately than a cinema verité account of our daily lives.”

The Washington Post Book World

“As a writer, Currier should be lauded for his creative decision to avoid the all-too-common formulaic trappings of most current novels written for and about gay men.”

Lambda Literary


“A writer who consistently surprises and delights, Currier’s dynamism will surely carry his literary career to higher heights.”

Bay Area Reporter


“The breadth of Currier’s personal experience is evident in his writing, which is moving without resorting to melodrama, familiar without feeling clichéd.”

Windy City Times


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About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

Also by Jameson Currier from Chelsea Station Editions: A Gathering Storm; Dancing on the Moon; Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex; Still Dancing; The Forever Marathon; The Haunted Heart and Other Tales; The Third Buddha; The Wolf at the Door; Until My Heart Stops; What Comes Around; and Where the Rainbow Ends.