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Jameson Currier's richly empathetic novel about the murder of a gay college student.



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pub date: Oct. 9, 2014

A Gathering Storm


a novel by Jameson Currier


A Gathering Storm begins in a small university town in the South when a gay college student is beaten. In the ensuing days as the young man struggles to survive in a hospital, the residents of the town and the university find themselves at the center of a growing media frenzy as the crime reverberates through the local and national consciousness. Using details and elements from actual hate crimes committed against gay men, Currier weaves personal and spiritual layers into a timely and emotional story.

A Gathering Storm is enraging, engrossing and impossible to put down.”
—Christopher Verleger, Edge


Praise for A Gathering Storm

“A captivating, highly detailed, and impressively impartial, almost journalistic, profile of a Southern college town shaken by the after-effects of a hate crime when a male student is beaten and left for dead for no reason other than his sexual orientation. The powerful prose effectively conveys why it was written, as well as the inherent need for it to be read. Despite — or perhaps because of — the unpleasant circumstances and outcome that shape this novel, A Gathering Storm is enraging, engrossing and impossible to put down.”
—Christopher Verleger, Edge

“Currier explores Matthew Shepard’s murder in richly empathetic fiction. The large cast shows how widely a crime’s ripples extend. Written in powerful, choppy sentences and consciously patterned after screenplays and true-crime stories, Currier’s novel is told in the present tense, shifting among the perspectives of the many characters involved. A compassionate tribute to hate-crime victims.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Currier weaves throughout strands of outrage, courage, uncertainty, denial, doubt—all typical human responses to tragedy. His approach allows us to learn not only the immediate effects of the crime on the community, but also the dormant seeds that led to the crime in the first place.”

Keith Glaeske, Lambda Literary

“Currier never disappoints. He tells his story with style, grace and his traditionally beautiful prose.

Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen

“A wonder of emotive writing and intuitive imagination, and a fitting tribute to the community-scarring event which inspired it.”

Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter


A Gathering Storm is much more than another factual retelling. Currier infuses subtle details from other true hate crimes incorporating them into the storyline. His third-person, journalistic style allows the author to speculate about the characters feelings, thoughts and emotions. This technique allows the facts to easily be conveyed allowing a 'silent observer' effect for the reader to be in on the scenes developing before them. Currier explores the thoughts and reactions to the two assailants' girlfriends, the sheriff involved in the case, relatives to all three boys, the doctors working to save his life, and various people directly (and indirectly) involved showing the unmentioned butterfly effect a horrible crime can have on so many others. An important book to read and it’s definitely worth your time to read it!”

Eric Andrews-Katz, Seattle Gay News


“This book is not an easy read but it is a worthwhile read. It is a thoughtful exploration of the emotional complexities of homophobia and a reverent tribute to the victims of hate crimes. Despite its grim subject, the novel does manage to strike hopeful notes.”

Frank Perez, Ambush


“The point and the power of A Gathering Storm is the impact the crime has to transform the characters—spurring some to come out or stand proud against hate, and others to vocalize their homophobia. An absorbing read about an important topic.”

—Gary M. Kramer, Philadelphia Gay News


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About the Novel

A limited hardcover first edition signed by the author is also available for $50 direct from the publisher. Click the bookstore link below to order. Proceeds from the sale of this edition will be donated to non-profit organizations providing LGBT anti-violence programs.


"As a writer, Currier should be lauded for his creative decision to avoid the all-too-common formulaic trappings of most current novels written for and about gay men."

Lambda Literary



About the author

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, four collections of short fiction, and a memoir.

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Praise for the writings of Jameson Currier


“Currier is adept at drawing a fine line between the erotic and the tragic, and at telling stories that ‘although personal, are also the stories of our community.’ "

The New York Times Book Review

“Jameson Currier’s kind of fiction can recreate reality more accurately than a cinema verité account of our daily lives.”

The Washington Post Book World

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